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What is Materia Medica?

Materia Medica is a Latin term defining a historical collection of knowledge for the therapeutic properties of any plant or substance known for its healing properties.

Actives from botanical sources

Plants exhibit a remarkable chemical diversity. They are the ideal source for cosmetic active ingredients.

Extracts built from science

Unique extraction technologies allow plant derived actives to be readily bioavailable.

Claim specific actives

Highly specialized plant actives having specific targeted actions.

About Us

Materia Medica (Pty) Ltd. works closely with its clients to develop cosmetic products with evidence based efficacy to support desired claims. As a team of scientists, we adhere to the strictest level of confidentiality and pride ourselves on our integrity. Integrity for both clients and products developed. We work with clients from the initial stages of a brief, assisting with the correct choice of botanical actives to ensure the success of their final product. These include pH compatibility, synergy with other ingredients and the overall requirements of the final formulation. Many technical factors need to be taken into consideration when selecting active constituents for an effective product.

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